Home Fire Safety Video

The fire safety of home furnishings

Research shows how product fire standards impact the severity of room content fires.

In this video, everyday individuals were shown side-by-side rooms constructed to simulate a living area commonly involved in a house fire. Unbeknownst to the participants, one room was designed to meet fire standards set by the United Kingdom, while the other was designed to meet U.S. fire safety standards.

Watch this video to see the results. As demonstrated in this video, robust fire safety codes and product safety standards can dramatically affect overall fire conditions. Learn more.

Time to Max Smoke and Time to Flash Over (Demonstrating Escape Time) from Great Britain/United Kingdom, France, and U.S. Combustions. (2019 data) 

The wide variety in country-specific fire codes can dramatically affect the fire safety of home furnishings, resulting in more or less escape time from structure fires. 

This study used three replicates of identical rooms for each of the countries tested (France, United Kingdom, US). The United Kingdom has what is probably the most demanding fire standard for furniture in the world.1Study Citation: Blais, Matthew S., Karen Carpenter, and Kyle Fernandez. “Comparative Room Burn Study of Furnished Rooms from the United Kingdom, France and the United States.” Fire Technology (2019): 1-26.