Evaluation of Low Energy Ignition Sources Role in Fire Safety

The study evaluated the leading sources of ignition contributing to fires and discussed the impacts of changing fire safety standards and regulations on fires as well as the role of flame retardant chemistries in fire mitigation.1 Source: Troitzsch, Juergen H. “Fires, statistics, ignition sources, and passive fire protection measures.” Journal of fire sciences 34.3 (2016): 171-198.

Key Takeaways:

  • Review demonstrated that upholstered furniture causes the most fire deaths, followed by electrical distribution fires.
  • Noted that the fire safety performance levels that flame-retarded products achieve in mandatory fire tests and full-scale studies demonstrate the efficacy of flame retardants and of barriers.
  • Recommended a balanced approach involving data from fire statistics, adapting fire regulations, and improving products fire safety in order to reduce fire losses.