Pilot Project Related to Flame Retardant Tracer Technology and Tracking for Recycling of Materials (SMX)

NAFRA and its members are focused on improving end of life recycling of materials containing brominated flame retardants and are working on innovative pilot approaches to sorting and separating brominated flame retardants. In partnership with other organizations, one such approach includes separating brominated flame retardants using a chemical-based hidden “barcode” system, alongside a unique “reader” to identify these codes. These codes can enable a blockchain record to be developed to store and protect ownership data. The technology for this project has been pioneered by Security Matters. SMX’s marking technology will be used to differentiate current and new BFR technologies from the legacy BFRs chemistry.1 Source: SMX SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED A PILOT PROJECT DEMONSTRATING A UNIQUE MARKER TECHNOLOGY FOR BROMINATED FLAME RETARDANTS IN PLASTICof flat panel televisions with and without fire retardants in the casing.” Fire Technology 51.1 (2015): 19-40.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a technology that can rapidly differentiate new BFRs from old BFRs can dramatically increase recycling efficiency, provide a mechanism for traceability, and contribute to circular economy goals.